The Lowry Reading Garden

Located at 5th and Trenton is The Lowry Reading Garden, one of Lowry’s treasures. The Reading Garden provides contemplative spaces or “reading rooms” that provide solitude or a place for friends and school groups to gather and enjoy and appreciate great literature.

Surrounding the spaces are granite book “spines” with inscriptions of book titles which have been dedicated by hundreds of individuals.  The Lowry Reading Garden was voted Best Pocket Park in Denver for 2016 by Westward Magazine!

Inspiring seating areas, shelters, sculptures and famous quotations, along with a library of Lowry’s favorite book titles are incorporated into the park’s features. For a list of all the quotes click here.

The Borden family kindly donated all of the Reading Garden’s art and the Garden is dedicated to the late Lewis Borden.  The park won the Mayor’s Design Award in 2009.

Read more about the “Stories Behind the Spines“.

Dedicate a Reading Garden book  spine through the Lowry Foundation: download the form here. To see a list of all of the dedicated book spines: Click Here

Here is an example of one of the many personal stories behind the dedications of these engraved book spines.

“Gran Davis was the matriarch of the Davis Family.  She passed peacefully in 2014.  The stories of the mark she left on her daughters and grandchildren will be passed down through the generations.  When family members see this book spine in the Reading Garden it will stimulate a telling of these family stories as well as the stories of the books the family finds dear to their hearts.”